Monday, May 4, 2009


okay so seriously...not to be a bia but i love being in love, i love posting about it, but enough is enough...if i see one more blog about my perfect hubby wubby i might barf all over myself. yes i have a great guy, yes he is in my blog...but come on - seriously he drives me crazy 87% of the time - and trust me from experience...(1 failed marriage) those little things that your guy does right now that slightly irritate you ... they only get worse. haha

i am not even kidding, so here is some advice on how to actually make your new relationship/marriage last:

1. have sex often (you can get him to compromise more)

2. if you are arguing take a deep breath, try to remember what you are arguing about or better yet who started it, if you cant come up with a solid answer - slap yourself in the face and pour yourself a glass of wine (this is to get you to shut the hell up)

3. make him think that he thought of is the only way you can honestly get him to do anything around the is kind of like having kids, if you make it a game he will want to win, ergo house gets clean :)

4. yes i know as a female i like to do what us girls call communicate - aka in guy language "nag/bitch" dont do this...if something needs to be addressed, the shorter and more to the point you are the better he will understand it.

5. if your guy is in a playful or giddy mood and you are pmsing for some reason - get over it - every time my guy is in a good mood i buy as much stock in it as i can.

6. and this is the hardest one for me...self esteem...if you are always talking down about yourself (ie...i'm fat, i'm ugly) it will piss your guy off. and if you say it enough, even if it isn't true (my case) your guy will start going along with it. then the next thing you know, he is asking you for a divorce and thinking to himself why did i stay so long with this fat ugly girl.

i know this sounds crazy, but trust me. i was with my ex for 2 years, we got married and lasted 7 months. i used to run 80 miles a week, weighed 130 lbs of all muscle, and was gorgeous; yet i had a shitty self image. so 7 months into our marriage and 4 states later he was asking me for a divorce and moved out of our house with the help of his new "love" a confident girl...who wasn't anything to look at.

confidence is key ladies!

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