Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sorry if this offends you...i thought it was hilarious!

Monday, May 4, 2009


okay so seriously...not to be a bia but i love being in love, i love posting about it, but enough is enough...if i see one more blog about my perfect hubby wubby i might barf all over myself. yes i have a great guy, yes he is in my blog...but come on - seriously he drives me crazy 87% of the time - and trust me from experience...(1 failed marriage) those little things that your guy does right now that slightly irritate you ... they only get worse. haha

i am not even kidding, so here is some advice on how to actually make your new relationship/marriage last:

1. have sex often (you can get him to compromise more)

2. if you are arguing take a deep breath, try to remember what you are arguing about or better yet who started it, if you cant come up with a solid answer - slap yourself in the face and pour yourself a glass of wine (this is to get you to shut the hell up)

3. make him think that he thought of is the only way you can honestly get him to do anything around the is kind of like having kids, if you make it a game he will want to win, ergo house gets clean :)

4. yes i know as a female i like to do what us girls call communicate - aka in guy language "nag/bitch" dont do this...if something needs to be addressed, the shorter and more to the point you are the better he will understand it.

5. if your guy is in a playful or giddy mood and you are pmsing for some reason - get over it - every time my guy is in a good mood i buy as much stock in it as i can.

6. and this is the hardest one for me...self esteem...if you are always talking down about yourself (ie...i'm fat, i'm ugly) it will piss your guy off. and if you say it enough, even if it isn't true (my case) your guy will start going along with it. then the next thing you know, he is asking you for a divorce and thinking to himself why did i stay so long with this fat ugly girl.

i know this sounds crazy, but trust me. i was with my ex for 2 years, we got married and lasted 7 months. i used to run 80 miles a week, weighed 130 lbs of all muscle, and was gorgeous; yet i had a shitty self image. so 7 months into our marriage and 4 states later he was asking me for a divorce and moved out of our house with the help of his new "love" a confident girl...who wasn't anything to look at.

confidence is key ladies!

how he did it...

so, i was trying to make this the first post of my new blog but i never down loaded the picture so here it is...

the night matt proposed he had the house all set up :)

i had one of many terrible days at work and was bummed that our softball game was cancelled...but when i got home i saw this :)
it was the most amazing moment thus far in my life...we cried, we laughed, and we danced...
we are so lucky we found each other.

frustration and a change of plans...that is just the way it goes

well, here i am monday morning...trying to get all of my thoughts together for work and school and boom! like a bomb it goes off, my schedule is not okay with my employer. so, what does this mean? well, for starters it means taking chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology II in the fall. it also means that this summer wont cost me as much money as well :)

however, more sad news came before it. it seems as though no matter how hard i prepared for my final it was inevitable...i was getting a b in the class. not only was the test completely different from anything we had been given prior; but, it was over information that we barely even touched i cried it out. ate chicken wings. and drank wine. and that is how i do things.

so, with this b came the realization that i am not going to get into the nursing school i prefer. i am going to have to take another route. my wonderful fiance put it best when he said, "babe, it doesn't how you get there or when you get is the ride and the struggles that will make it all worth while". so, i dusted off my b, realized that an a and a b my first semester back in college, while working 12 hour days, and playing softball 3 nights a week isn't really that bad.

God has a journey for me, He has a journey for all of us. it is just a matter of sticking to my faith ~ trusting in Him and allowing Him to direct me down the path i must take.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

how beautiful...

alright folks so here it is...the most beautiful, relaxing, amazing place ever. if i could disappear on any given day...this is where i would run.

matt and i will be getting married here november 8, 2009 and i can hardly stand it i am so excited! who wouldn't want to get married here?

Friday, May 1, 2009

happy birthday baby brother!

well remember when you thought you would never be 21??? well now you are 22! time flies when you're drunk half the time! hahaha :)

congrats to my brothers!

well first of all, look how good looking the men in my family are! this was taken after my brother preston...far right tore it up at his golf tourney!

but i just want to say congrats to both of them justin (the one in the middle) for being picked as the speaker for his baccalaureate and graduating high school and signing with valdosta state to play football and be their quarterback!

next, i have to congratulate is not only his birthday, but he is celebrating being named Scholar Athlete of the Year at Barry University! he graduates in about 2 weeks...and that makes me feel very old.

i am so proud of both of them!

sleeping beauties

and of course as i work and stress about a huge test and what to wear this weekend...this is how my beloved spends it, something just doesn't seem fair now does it? :)

finally friday...

and like every week that has passed i have felt like this day would never arrive...yet here it is again - right on time :)

this is my last week at my current work schedule and i have mixed feelings about my new schedule. i am super excited that i will only be working 8-5 but there is a little bit of sadness saying good bye to my 8:00 am - 12:00 pm fridays... you will me missed! (sniff sniff)

on another note i have my last final tonight...yikes! i have been working so hard all semester and i really hope it pays off! thanks to the best study partner ever i have an A! so, what is the best way to reward such diligence in the classroom...

a Kentucky Derby Party! WOOHOO!

i can't wait for this weekend even though i know it is going to fly by:

saturday am: register for wedding stuff, pick out save the dates
saturday midday: Derby Party, mint juliping my face off!
saturday pm: Surprise Party and a awesome fight!
sunday: r-e-c-o-v-e-r from mint juliping my face off and do save the dates!

let the weekend begin :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009


why do a blog...i have been asking myself this for years...and then i met my dear friend meagan...also known for the next 5 months as the M.O.H. (maid of honor) and she just has the cutest blog ever. the only thing is...people are actually interested in her life...mine isn't too interesting.

yet, here i am clearing my mind, my thoughts, and my worries and putting them all on paper...wait, no putting them on the computer page? i guess that is better. writing is so very theraputic for me anyways. i was actually in the midst of a novel before my sudden career change came along...but oh well, you role with the punches!

so now a little bit more about me...i am getting married - woohoo! it was scheduled to be march 7, 2010 but after much debate and talk we have decided to move up our wedding date by FIVE months! yes, we cant wait to get why wait any longer than we have too! however, with this swift move up comes unnecessary stress such as paying for things sooner, adjusting our honeymoon, and yada yada. and on top of all of this fun wedding stuff...i have finals and my little baby girl dixie is in heat. yep, i said it h-e-a-t. i know i know i am a terrible person for not spaying her...but whatever. you can take away from your animal whatever you want...however, God gave her that for a neener neener.

no longer a blog virgin

Well, hello there. I am not sure who really sees this, or who really cares. But here goes nothing!