Thursday, April 30, 2009


why do a blog...i have been asking myself this for years...and then i met my dear friend meagan...also known for the next 5 months as the M.O.H. (maid of honor) and she just has the cutest blog ever. the only thing is...people are actually interested in her life...mine isn't too interesting.

yet, here i am clearing my mind, my thoughts, and my worries and putting them all on paper...wait, no putting them on the computer page? i guess that is better. writing is so very theraputic for me anyways. i was actually in the midst of a novel before my sudden career change came along...but oh well, you role with the punches!

so now a little bit more about me...i am getting married - woohoo! it was scheduled to be march 7, 2010 but after much debate and talk we have decided to move up our wedding date by FIVE months! yes, we cant wait to get why wait any longer than we have too! however, with this swift move up comes unnecessary stress such as paying for things sooner, adjusting our honeymoon, and yada yada. and on top of all of this fun wedding stuff...i have finals and my little baby girl dixie is in heat. yep, i said it h-e-a-t. i know i know i am a terrible person for not spaying her...but whatever. you can take away from your animal whatever you want...however, God gave her that for a neener neener.

no longer a blog virgin

Well, hello there. I am not sure who really sees this, or who really cares. But here goes nothing!