Monday, May 4, 2009

frustration and a change of plans...that is just the way it goes

well, here i am monday morning...trying to get all of my thoughts together for work and school and boom! like a bomb it goes off, my schedule is not okay with my employer. so, what does this mean? well, for starters it means taking chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology II in the fall. it also means that this summer wont cost me as much money as well :)

however, more sad news came before it. it seems as though no matter how hard i prepared for my final it was inevitable...i was getting a b in the class. not only was the test completely different from anything we had been given prior; but, it was over information that we barely even touched i cried it out. ate chicken wings. and drank wine. and that is how i do things.

so, with this b came the realization that i am not going to get into the nursing school i prefer. i am going to have to take another route. my wonderful fiance put it best when he said, "babe, it doesn't how you get there or when you get is the ride and the struggles that will make it all worth while". so, i dusted off my b, realized that an a and a b my first semester back in college, while working 12 hour days, and playing softball 3 nights a week isn't really that bad.

God has a journey for me, He has a journey for all of us. it is just a matter of sticking to my faith ~ trusting in Him and allowing Him to direct me down the path i must take.


  1. Good morning my dear! I hope your Monday is going well....I miss you!

    P.S. I sent you an award :)